Welcome Vendors

This section outlines how to submit your company’s information to be considered as a potential vendor for Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. Information submitted through this process does not guarantee business from Bayfront Health St. Petersburg with your company.

Who We Are

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg is wholly owned by Orlando Health, Inc., which operates a Self-Distribution Supply Chain Model serving multiple facilities, including Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando Health Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, Orlando Health Cancer Institute. Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Orlando Health - Health Central Hospital, Orlando Health Horizon West Hospital, Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando Health South Lake Hospital, Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital, Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital, and the Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg has a dedicated team to help facilitate the review and approval of new vendors. The Supplier Review Team is a collaborative consisting of Bayfront Health St. Petersburg's Diversity and Minority Business Development and Supply Chain teams along with HealthTrust, a group purchasing organization.

Supply Chain: The mission of Supply Chain Services is to provide leadership and value-driven innovation to implement end-to-end solutions in managing products, services and capital equipment decisions, sourcing and acquisition, implementation and utilization in support of the mission of Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

Diversity & Minority Business Development: Bayfront Health St. Petersburg’s Diversity & Minority Business Development Department serves to support the introduction of diverse vendors to our organization. The supplier diversity program’s main objective is to provide diverse suppliers equal access to business opportunities at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. See the ‘Vendor Classifications’ section of this document for details on the classifications of organizations Bayfront Health St. Petersburg wishes to support.

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Registering as a Potential Vendor

Step 1 - Introduce Your Business

This is the way for Bayfront Health St. Petersburg to learn more about your products or services. Please download the Supplier - Company Profile Form. Please print and complete your business introduction page. Then, add relevant attachments and send to

Step 2 - Submission Review 

Your submission will be considered for one of the following categories of business:

  1. Items or services secured by direct purchase

  2. Items or services secured by competitive bid process (e.g. Requests for Proposal)

  3. IF YOUR COMPANY PROVIDES A PHYSICIAN REQUESTED PRODUCT (PPI - Physician Preference Item): Please contact the Value Analysis Team (VAT) as registration via this online portal is NOT automatic approval to access clinical areas/physicians. VAT can be reached through the main Supply Chain number at (321) 841-5252.

If a current opportunity for your product or service is identified, you will be contacted by a representative of Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. If Bayfront Health St. Petersburg wishes to evaluate your product or services through a competitive bid process, you will be contacted when the applicable competitive bid process commences. If you are not contacted, then there is no current need or opportunity for your products at services at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, but you will continue to be considered for future opportunities.

Process and Timeline

Your information will be kept on file for a period of twelve (12) months. It is your responsibility to renew your information every twelve (12) months to remain eligible for consideration for Bayfront Health St. Petersburg business opportunities. 

If you are selected as a business partner, or to participate in a competitive bid process, a representative from Bayfront Health St. Petersburg will contact you.

The current process employed by Bayfront Health St. Petersburg is to solicit bids, or to execute a contract is as follows:

  1. Review data and terms for current needs or expiring contracts 

  2. Decide whether to re-negotiate a current contract or open a new bid 

  3. If rebidding, issue Requests for Information (RFIs) and/or Requests for Proposal (RFPs), which includes the following steps: a) Develop an RFI/RFP template and send it to potential vendors; b) Evaluate the RFI/RFP responses and select vendor(s)

The RFI/RFP process can take days, weeks, or months to complete based on the complexity of the item or service sent for competitive bid. Contract negotiations can also take days, weeks, or months to complete once a desired partner is selected.

Supplier Diversity

Diverse Vendor Criteria

Fifty-one percent (51%) or greater owned, operated and managed as a Minority Business Enterprise determined by a nationally recognized third-party certifying organization.

Maintain current certification(s) validating ownership of the diverse supplier with the following:

Vendor Classifications

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg is focused on being more inclusive and recognizes the following diverse suppliers:

For more information on diversity, please visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.