Program Leadership and Faculty

In addition to our full-time faculty, our Family Medicine Residency Program includes a number of attending medical staff members from various specialty areas including hematology/oncology, nephrology, critical care, pulmonology, cardiology and emergency medicine. The presence of these specialists during morning report offers residents additional insight into some of the more complex cases on the medicine service. These attending staff members also take the time during morning report to further teach the residents, particularly in their areas of specialty or focus.


Family Medicine Residency

Core Faculty

Andres Santayana, MD

Carley Befeler, MD

Lorna Fountain, MD, FAAFP


Holly Baab, MD

Shacara Wilson, MD

Part-Time Faculty

Adam Prawer, MD

Daniel Eckstein, MD

David Parrish, MD, FAAFP

George Hutter, MD, CPE, FAAFP

H. James Brownlee Jr., MD, FAAFP

Kristin Sochet, MD